Ward 1 Update and Harvest Fest Parade

Ward 1 special


The St. Paul DFL would like to extend its congratulations to Dai Thao.  On 9/13, the Ward 1 delegates reconvened for a special endorsing convention.  The delegates were called to order at 2pm and rules and agenda were promptly adopted.  A motion was made to suspend the rules, and Dai Thao was resoundingly endorsed by acclamation.

Additionally, we hope that you will join us marching in the Payne Arcade Business Association’s Harvest Fest Parade on September 19th.  Line-up will begin at 10:30, our lineup number is RO#20, on Rose Ave near the Arlington Hills Community Center, and the parade beings at noon.  Harvest Fest is the last parade on our calendar, so this is your last chance to march with our endorsed candidates and your fellow DFL activists this year!  Click here to sign up and walk with us.  Can’t walk with us?  Click here to knock doors on Sunday, September 20th with State Rep. Erin Murphy.

Thank you again for all your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Take care,

Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator

St. Paul DFL


P.S.  Don’t have a lawnsign yet?  Click here to sign up for one!

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The leaves may still be on the trees, but soon something else brightly colored will be ornamenting yards across St. Paul.  Next Saturday morning, we will be gathering at the St. Paul Federation of Teachers to deliver lawnsigns for our endorsed candidates for school board to activists in all seven wards.

We’ve reached out to many of you, but perhaps we were two ships, passing in the night.  To show your support for our great school board candidates, click here to get a lawnsign!  If you’re able to come out this Saturday and help deliver, click here to sign up and get details.

On that note, we will be meeting to deliver signs at:

9am, 9/12
St. Paul Federation of Teachers
23 Empire Dr, St. Paul, MN 55103

Thanks again for showing your support for our endorsed school board candidates!

Take care,


Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator

St. Paul DFL


P.S.  In order to better share our message across social media, we’ve launched a Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook!

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Ward 1 Special Endorsing Convention – Official Call

Special Saint Paul DFL Endorsing Convention for Ward 1

Dear Ward 1 Delegates and Alternates,

Three candidates competed at the regular ward convention in March, which adjourned without endorsing. After close of filings, only one of those candidates filed for office. With the change in circumstances the Saint Paul DFL Central Committee has decided to convene a Special Endorsing Convention to consider the endorsement of a Ward 1 City Council Candidate. Please join us Sunday, September 13th, 2PM for the Special Ward 1 DFL Endorsing Convention.

Amee Xiong and DJ Danielson-Ward 1 DFL Chairs

P.S. Please let me know by 9/9 if you need additional accommodations to participate fully in the process. Email libbykantner28@gmail.com or call (612) 860-7823

Sunday, September 13

1:30PM- Registration Opens

2:00PM- Call to Order, Convention Begins

Held at:

Dunning Rec Center

1221 Marshall Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55104


Kora addaa bakka bu’aa paartii Dimokraatii Qotee-bulaa fii kan Dafqaan-bulaa (DFL) kan

Qooda Magaalaa Ganda 1 (Ward 1) qaadhimuuf yaamame.

Guyyaan; Dilbata/Alhada Fulbaana 13, bara 2015

Sa’aa: Galmeessuun ka itti jalqabamu: 1:30 waaree booda (pm)

Jalqabni koraa: 2:00 waaree booda (pm)

Teessoon: Waltajjii Bashannanaa Dunning, St. Paul, MN 55104, 1221 Marshall Avenue

Jaalatamtoota bakka-buoota Qooda Magaalaa Ganda 1,

Asiin dura qaadhimamtoonni sadihii kora Bitootessa godhametti dorgomanillee, osoo namni tokkolleen keeysaa hinfilamin korri sun addaan galuu isaa ni yaadattan. Namoota sadihii san keessaa nama tokko qofatu dalagaa waajjiraa saniif galmaahe. Haaluma jijjiirame kanumaaf jecha Koreen Jidduu kan Paartii DFL kora addaa kan namni Qooda Magaalaa Ganda 1 (Ward 1) itti qaadhimamu godhatuuf waan muteesseef; guyyaa, sa’aa fii teessoo asiin olitti himametti akka argamtan kabajaan isn afeerra. Achumatti wal haa qunnamnuu.

Amee Xiong fii DJ Danielson – Dura taaota Paartii DFL Qooda Magaalaa Ganda1.


Shirweyne Gaar ah oo ay DFL Saint Paul ku Taageerayaan Waaxda Ward 1 

Axad, 13-ka Sebteembar

1:30 – Diiwaangelinta Dadweynaha

2:00 – In la Fariisto, Bilowga Shirweynaha


Goobta Kulankan Lagu Qabanaayo:

Dunning Rec Center

1221 Marshall Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55104

Wufuudda iyo Ku-xigeennada Qaaliga ah ee Waaxda Ward 1,

Saddex musharrax ayaa ku tartamay shirweynihii caadiga ahaa ee Maaj ee waaxda xaafadeenna, waxaase lagu hakiyey inaan qofna la taageerin. Ka dib markii la xiray qabashada codsiga mid ka mid ah musharraxyada oo keliya ayaa soo codsaday jagada xafiiska siyaasadeed. Arrimaha oo is-beddelay awgood ayey Guddiga Dhexe ee Saint Paul DFL waxay go’aan ku gaareen in ay sameeyaan Shirweyne Taageero lagu muujiyo si la isugu raaco taageerada waaxda Ward 1 Musharraxeeda Golaha Deegaanka (Ward 1 City Council Candidate). Fadlan ka soo qeybgal maalinta Axadda ah ee 13-ka bisha Sebteembar, 2-da duhurnimo oo la qaban doono Shirweyne Gaar ah oo ay DFL ku Taagerayaan Waaxda Ward 1.

Ka soo qeybgal wacan!


Lub Rooj sib tham rau cov DFL los xaiv tsa ib tug neeg nyob rau hauv Ward 1

Sunday, September 13

1:30PM- Qhib qhov rooj rau sawvdaws

2:00PM- Rooj sib tham pib

Nyob zoo rau cov ua yog Delegates thiab Alternates ua muaj cai los xaiv,

Thaum lub peb hlis ntuj, muaj peb tug neeg khiav sib tw rau hauv lub rooj sib tham kom sawvdaws xaiv ib tug neeg xwb. Tabsi thaum kawg xaiv tsis tau leeg twg. Thaum lub yim hlis ntuj no, nyob rau li kevcai cov neeg khiav sib tw yuav tsum mus tso npe hais tias lawv yeej yuav los khiav sib tw rau xyoo no. Tabsis muaj ib tug neeg mus tso npe xwb. Yog vim li no peb ua yog hu ua Saint Paul DFL Central Committee thiaj li txiav txim siab los hu nej sawvdaws tuaj koom lub rooj sib tham no. Thov nej tuaj koom rau Sept. 13, thaum 2PM rau lub rooj sib tham no.


Mam sib ntsib dua!


It’s door knocking season!

Dear friends,

School is starting, September has arrived, Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and campaign season is officially in full swing.  The Saint Paul DFL is working hard to elect four amazing candidates for school board, and great city council candidates in Wards 3, 4, 6, and 7.  But in order to win, we need you.


Right now, we are knocking doors every Sunday with State Rep. Erin Murphy, every Saturday with the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, Tuesday evening all around the city, and making calls with AFSCME on Thursday nights.  Details of our event calendar are below!  You can also click here to get a call about all of our great volunteer opportunities.


 The St. Paul DFL is committed to working for a better and more equitable city, be it in the classroom or at city hall.  Join us, and help make that vision a reality!


Take care,


Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator

St. Paul DFL 


P.S.: Can’t volunteer and still want to help?  Click here to donate! 



8-Sep 5-8pm Rotating Caribou Coffee, Roseville Center, 1127 Larpenteur Ave W, Roseville, MN 55113 Ward 5
10-Sep 5:30-9pm AFSCME 300 Hardman Ave S # 3, South St Paul, MN 55075
12-Sep 10am-1pm SPFT 23 Empire Drive, Ste. N100, St. Paul, MN 55103 Wards 1&2
13-Sep 1-4pm Erin Murphy 898 Osceola Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, USA Wards 3&4
15-Sep 5-8pm Rotating Caribou Coffee, 68 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105 Wards 3&4
17-Sep 5:30-9pm AFSCME 300 Hardman Ave S # 3, South St Paul, MN 55075
19-Sep 10am-1pm SPFT 23 Empire Drive, Ste. N100, St. Paul, MN 55103 Wards 1&2
20-Sep 1-4pm Erin Murphy 898 Osceola Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, USA Wards 3&4
22-Sep 5-8pm Rotating Caribou Coffee, Old Hudson Road, St. Paul Ward 6&7
24-Sep 5:30-9pm AFSCME 300 Hardman Ave S # 3, South St Paul, MN 55075
26-Sep 10am-1pm Alice Hausman 1447 Chelmsford Street, St. Paul, MN 55108 Ward 4
27-Sep 1-4pm Erin Murphy 898 Osceola Ave, St Paul, MN 55105, USA Wards 1&2
29-Sep 5-8pm Rotating Caribou Coffee, Roseville Center, 1127 Larpenteur Ave W, Roseville, MN 55113 Ward 5



Saint Paul DFL-endorsed candidates for city council, school board File for election

Following historic turnout in the DFL endorsement process, eight candidates file for this Fall’s general election.


(From left to right: Dan Bostrom, Chris Tolbert, Mary Vanderwert, Jon Schumacher, Zuki Ellis, Jane Prince, and Steve Marchese.  Click here for more pictures.)

St. Paul —Saint Paul DFL-endorsed candidates for City Council and Saint Paul Board of Education filed for office today.  All candidates received the party endorsement at their local Ward DFL conventions or the citywide endorsing convention on April 19, 2015.

“We have endorsed a very strong slate of candidates this year,” remarked Libby Kantner, Chair of the Saint Paul DFL. “They all have very broad support from the community and are committed to working together for Saint Paul’s future, and we look forward to communicating that to voters in every neighborhood this election cycle.”


This year, the DFL precinct caucuses saw incredible attendance as members of our community turned out to make their voices heard and support the endorsement of a strong slate of DFL candidates for municipal office. Zuki Ellis, Steve Marchese, Jon Schumacher, and Mary Vanderwert each earned clear-cut endorsements for School Board at the citywide DFL convention. They will bring to the school board and the community new energy, expertise, and a strong commitment to ensuring all voices in our community are heard as we build a district where every student can succeed.


Mary Vanderwert, an early childhood education specialist, said: “I am looking forward to working with my fellow DFL-endorsed school board candidates to create positive change within the St. Paul School District to provide our children with the best education possible.”


Zuki Ellis, who currently works as a parent trainer with the St. Paul Federation of Teachers Parent Teacher Home Visit Project and is the chair of the PTO at J.J. Hill, stated: “I’m running because St. Paul Schools can do better. This is an opportunity to expand the number of voices at the table as we work towards more inclusive, transparent, and collaborative schools.”


Steve Marchese added: “Our community deserves schools focused on providing an excellent education for every child in St. Paul. As a parent, lawyer and community member, I look forward to working with the other endorsed candidates to bring greater accountability, accessibility and engagement to the St Paul School Board.”

Jon Schumacher, who has been involved with St. Paul Public Schools for 23 years as a parent, site council leader, mentor, advocate and tutor, shared that “I’m running to answer the call from our parents, students and teachers for a clear, consistent and measurable strategy for success for all of our kids.”


Councilmembers Dan Bostrom, Chris Tolbert and Russ Stark each earned DFL endorsement for their reelections at their respective local DFL ward conventions and Jane Prince won the DFL endorsement for the open city council seat in Ward 7.

Councilmember Bostrom, who has served on the Council since 1996, kicked off his reelection campaign, saying:  “I look forward to continuing my work for neighborhood and community reinvestment and revitalization throughout Ward 6, the Eastside and all of Saint Paul.  Keeping Saint Paul a safe, welcoming place to live, work, raise a family and enjoy our great neighborhoods is my number one priority. Together, with our four excellent Board of Education candidates, citizens can count on our team to deliver for Saint Paul.”

Councilmember Tolbert, an assistant county attorney who will be running for his second term, said: “We have a great opportunity to honor the things that have made St. Paul special for decades, while moving forward to strengthen our neighborhoods and our City for future generations. I have done this in my work on the Council around the Ford Site redevelopment, the City’s award-winning Right Track program and through leading on infrastructure investment and mass transit planning. ”

Council President Stark, who could not make the group filing event sent his regrets and added, “I am proud of the things we’ve been able to do over the past eight years I’ve been on the Council. Together we have successfully opened the Green Line, spurred development along its corridor, improved biking and walking conditions and restored evening and weekend hours to libraries across the City. I look forward to continuing to make a more livable and sustainable Saint Paul.”

Jane Prince, a long time East Side resident and community volunteer who was endorsed in the Ward 7 seat vacated by Kathy Lantry, shared the sentiments of her colleagues: When I knock on voters’ doors, they know that the DFL endorsement stands for equity and justice for everyone in our community.  I am honored and proud to run for Saint Paul City Council with the endorsement of our Saint Paul DFL Party. “

Today is the first day in which candidates interested in elected office can file with Ramsey County. The general election will occur November 3, 2015.

About the Saint Paul DFL and candidates

For more information on the Saint Paul DFL, please visit www.stpauldfl.org.

For more information on the candidates, please visit their websites:

Zuki Ellis      http://zukiellisforschoolboard.nationbuilder.com/

Steve Marchese      http://www.steveforspps.com/

Jon Schumacher      http://www.jonschumacherforschoolboard.org/

Mary Vanderwert       http://www.maryvforstpaulkids.com/

Chris Tolbert      http://christolbert.org/

Russ Stark      http://www.russforward4.org/

Dan Bostrom    http://www.danbostrom.com/

Jane Prince      http://www.janeprincew7.com/

Filing Rally

Dear friends,

The St. Paul DFL is proud to announce that our endorsed candidates for St. Paul Board of Education and City Council will be jointly filing for office at 8:00am on Tuesday July 28th.  These candidates will work to truly represent the best ideals of our party, and for a better city for all our St. Paul residents.  Please click here to RSVP on facebook.

For school board, the community members and activists that make up our party gave their endorsement to Zuki Ellis, Steve Marchese, Mary Vanderwert, and Jon Schumacher.  As well, four city council candidates earned our endorsement.  Ward 3 re-endorsed Chris Tolbert.  In Ward 4, Council President Russ Stark.   Longtime Eastside councilman Dan Bostrom earned the nod in Ward 6, and Jane Prince earned the DFL’s endorsement in Ward 7 to fill the seat left vacant by Kathy Lantry.

To learn more about our candidates, click here to visit our webpage.  To support the DFL’s work and help elect great candidates for St. Paul, click here to donate, or click here to volunteer!

Take care,

Daniel Cox

Campaign Coordinator, St. Paul DFL