2018 Ward 4 Special Endorsing Convention


THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ATTENDED THIS CONVENTION! We are excited to announce that the body endorsed Mitra Jalali Nelson with 67% support on the 2nd ballot. Find the minutes here: Ward 4 DFL Convention Minutes 2018


This convention will be held at 9am on Saturday April 28 to endorse a DFL candidate in the special election to replace the city councilperson for Ward 4. The convention will be at Murray Middle School (2200 Buford Ave), registration will start at 8:30am.

Delegates and alternates for this convention will be based on the selection of delegates and alternates for the 2017 ward convention. The credentials committee has reviewed the 2017 data and address changes since then to determine the official list of delegates and alternates. Please feel free to contact ward4credentials@gmail.com if you have any concerns.

The rules committee has completed the proposed rules and agenda for the convention.