Vote DFL on November 5th!

Here is a list of all the candidates that we chose to endorse this cycle and a link to our sample ballot. Together, we endorsed:

Zuki Ellis, Chauntyll Allen & Steve Marchese for School Board

Dai Thao, Ward 1 City Council

Rebecca Noecker, Ward 2 City Council

Chris Tolbert, Ward 3 City Council

Mitra Jalali Nelson, Ward 4 City Council

Amy Brendmoen, Ward 5 City Council

Jane Prince, Ward 7 City Council 

Also, the DFL addresses any ballot issue it is asked to—whether candidates, marriage amendments, voter ID, school referendums or trash issues—as we don’t pick and choose what is on the ballot. And we do this as a party at all levels—whether at the State party, Congressional, Senate district, House district—and the City. When asked to consider the trash referendum—we chose overwhelmingly to Vote Yes!  We know the contract isn’t perfect—but either way the current system continues according to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Voting No doesn’t stop the current contract or force any negotiations—it only spreads out the cost of residential trash to every property owner in the City—business and residential. We believe that we can Vote Yes for Coordinated Collection and find shared solutions for our City’s challenges together. (Mailer Side A, Side B)

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