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Special Ward 4 Endorsing Convention

St. Paul City Council Member Russ Stark is stepping down, will take environmental advocacy position in Mayor Melvin Carter’s office. Ward 4 seat to be filled by 7-month special appointment, followed by special election in August.

The St Paul DFL will set the date for the Special Ward 4 Endorsing Convention at our Feb. 13 Central Committee Mtg.


Ward 4 Special Endorsing Convention

On January 24, 2018 Ward 4 Councilmember Russ Stark announced that he will be stepping down from his position to take a job in Mayor Carter’s office.  First and foremost, the Saint Paul DFL would like to thank Councilmember Stark for his ten years of service to the residents of Ward 4 and the city of Saint Paul. His collaborative, calm leadership will be missed on the council.


Councilmember Stark

A special election for the Ward 4 Council Seat will be held later in 2018. The Saint Paul DFL will be holding a special endorsing convention to endorse a candidate. The date for that convention will be set Tuesday, February 13th at 6PM the Saint Paul DFL Central Committee Meeting (held at the Minnesota DFL Headquaters- 255 Plato Blvd). At this meeting pre-convention committees will also be set. This meeting is open to the public. This is in accordance with the Saint Paul DFL Constitution:

Article IV:

Section 1: The Saint Paul DFL Central Committee shall issue the Call for all special endorsing commissions (conventions) and caucuses provided for in this Constitution. 

Additionally, in accordance with the constitution, the delegates and alternates for the convention will be those elected to the last ward convention in 2017. Anyone who moved out of the ward will not be eligible. Any person elected a delegate or alternate elected in another St. Paul ward who moved to a precinct in this ward, will be listed as the lowest ranked alternate in their new precinct.

Check back after February 13th for more details or email Libby Kantner with questions.

Back to School!

Today Saint Paul Public School students across the city return to the classroom ready to learn. Today also marks two months out from the election for three Saint Paul School Board seats. Last June the Saint Paul DFL voted in one ballot to endorse three excellent candidates for School Board. Here is your slate of 2017 Saint Paul DFL School Board candidates:

John Brodrick 


John Brodrick has spent a lifetime in our Saint Paul public schools.  From Scheffer Elementary to Mechanic Arts High School as a student; and from Como Park Junior HIgh to Mechanic Arts to Washington to Como Park Senior High as a teacher; John knows the inner workings of a classroom and a school building.  As a four-term school board member John understands the network of connections that our school district is composed of.

John has been an advocate for all of us in the classroom, in the community and on the Board. With a new superintendent and mostly newer board members, John’s experience is needed now as much, if not more, than ever.


Jeannie Foster


Jeanelle ‘Jeannie’ Foster is a 25-year veteran educator, a single mother of two grown children and a community leader. Jeannie is grounded in a sense of purpose to give back, saying, “I am a reflection of the children and families I serve.” First elected to the Board to fill a vacancy during 2016’s special election, Jeannie is now running for a full four-year term.

On the SPPS Board of Education, Jeannie will continue to keep children and equity at the center of the Board’s decision-making and help schools be more responsive. She will work to ensure the District increases parent and family engagement to better support student success, and she will always prioritize students in funding decisions—she will continue to be their voice on the Board and make certain that all kids have access to the high-quality education they deserve.


Marny Xiong


Marny Xiong was born and raised in the heart of Saint Paul on Thomas Avenue in the Frogtown neighborhood. Her parents were refugees who immigrated to the U.S. from war-torn Laos, and they instilled in her a dedication to education. She has been a community organizer for over 10 years and worked on various campaigns to fight for racial and economic justice. Her experience organizing with the Vote No Campaign, Take Action Minnesota, SEIU Local 113 and serving on various boards, such as the Payne-Phalen Neighborhood, has equipped her with the skillsets necessary to bring equity to Saint Paul Public Schools.

Marny is committed to collaborating with students, parents, unions, educators and stakeholders to ensure equity for all students, increased enrollment, and education achievement for college success.


We are back to school and ready to work. Join us to help get John, Jeannie and Marny elected on November 7th.

Sign up to volunteer.


We look forward to working with you for the best Saint Paul Public Schools.


Executive Meeting Minutes: August 8 2017

  • Introductions: Name, role, favorite summer snacks
  • Guest: Debra Hilstrom, running for AG if Lori Swanson runs for governor. She answered questions about:
  • Redistricting: The DFL needs to hold the governorship to protect against gerrymandering. She worries about this as her district is a target for gerrymandering both by the GOP and the DFL, and believes that both parties need to be committed to drawing lines fairly.
  • Criminal justice reform: She advocates for restoring the vote to felons and is against suspending licenses so freely as it places more individuals in the system and gives more reason to pull people over. She helped Minneapolis change marijuana citations from misdemeanor to petty misdemeanor (from an arrest to a ticket).
  • For-profit schools: They were targeting constituents in her district. When Swanson sued them and they lost their license, the GOP fought for them to have a path to restoring their license. Hilstrom fought again that.
  • Directors’ reports
  • Chair:
    • Filing breakfast went well. About 40 people, including many elected officials, were there.
    • Next month, we’ll vote to fill the secretary position.
  • Vice Chair: Not in attendance
  • Outreach Director: Convo around increasing voting, especially absentee voting
  • Treasurer:
    • Currently have $41,000
    • $36,000 committed to coordinated campaigns for the fall, $1,200 for accounts payable
    • About $4,000 left
    • More fundraising needs to happen
  • Old business: None
  • New business:
  • Social/happy hour to help committee get to know each other better outside of the meetings. Renee, Adam, and Chris will plan a date and time.
  • Danielle, math graduate student at UMN, asked for funding to attend a conference at UW-Madison in October about redistricting. She would report back to the DFL so we can use that information to advocate for fair redistricting. Cost is $1,064.96 for one person or $1,309.96 for two people.
    • Proposal that Saint Paul DFL will contribute $250 if state DFL will contribute $500. Libby will forward this proposal to the state DFL.
  • Adjourn to committees:
  • Outreach:
    • Coordinated campaigning for candidates
      • Attend forums that candidates have already committed to
      • Reverse doorknocking: doorknocking on houses with unregistered voters (so we’d have address data, not names)
      • Set up outside grocery stores on a few Saturdays
    • Presence needed at summer festivals
      • State fair: State DFL will have a booth. Saint Paul DFL would like a Saint Paul day where we have the mayoral and school board candidates present
      • Selby Jazz Festival
      • Payne Arcade Harvest Festival
      • Safe Summer Nights
      • Saint Paul food truck fair
      • Minnesota roller derby (Oct. 21): Danielle will reach out to them
    • For both doorknocking and events, give out absentee voter applications (or registration applications)