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Candidates Seeking DFL Endorsement

We have spent the last month asking for information on candidates who are seeking DFL endorsement during the 2019 municipal cycle from the St. Paul DFL and its Wards. Here is a list of all the candidates who have reached out to us:

Office Location Candidate FN Candidate LN Campaign contact provided
School Board Citywide Zuki Ellis Shawn,  763-438-4066
School Board Citywide Steve Marchese
School Board Citywide Amin Omar or 6513074676
School Board Citywide Omar Syed 6122902404
School Board Citywide Mary Vanderwert or 6514318626
City Council Ward 1 Anika Bowie Elizer Darris (612) 385-5664
City Council Ward 1 Liz De La Torre or
City Council Ward 1 Dai Thao Christina,
City Council Ward 2 Rebecca Noecker Megan Jekot –
City Council Ward 3 Chris Tolbert
City Council Ward 4 Mitra Jalali Nelson Doua Yang,
City Council Ward 5 Amy Brendmoen Jillian Carpenter 218-349-9300 or
City Council Ward 5 Lynn Connolly LYNN at 651488405/ 6519835490
City Council Ward 6 Alexander Bourne
City Council Ward 6 Tony Her
City Council Ward 6 Terri Thao Mai Eng Lee,
City Council Ward 6 Nelsie Yang Chris Xiong,
City Council Ward 7 Ahmed Hersi 6518008885
City Council Ward 7 Jane Prince 
City Council Ward 7 Mary Anne Quiroz

2019 Municipal Dates Finalized

Hey there! We have heard from candidates seeking endorsement and have selected dates for the caucus, all conventions, and Saint Paul DFL meetings.  These dates will not change.

As we have to utilize public buildings for our events, we have applications out for all dates. Stay tuned to this website for locations. We will update them as we hear back from the school district, MN DFL and city about our reservation requests.

If you have any questions, please email Beth at or text or call 651/247-7009 or Garrison at or 601/201-7611.

Date What Time
31-Jan Executive Committee 6-7pm
9-Feb Caucus & Convention Prep 9:30am
21-Feb Central Committee & Caucus Prep 6-8:30pm
24-Feb Candidate Mixer & Caucus and Convention Q&A 3-5pm
2-Mar Convener Training 9:30am-11am
7-Mar Executive Committee 6-7pm
10-Mar Precinct Caucuses City-wide 2:30pm sign-in, 3pm start
10-Mar Ward 2 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
10-Mar Ward 3 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
10-Mar Ward 4 convention 5pm start, after caucuses
11-Apr Central Committee 6-7pm
27-Apr Ward 6 convention 9am sign in, 10am start
28-Apr Ward 1 convention 1:30pm sign-in, Start 2pm
2-May Executive Committee & Last minute convention prep 6-8pm
4-May Ward 7 convention 1:30pm sign in, Start 2pm
5-May Ward 5 convention 1:30pm sign-in, Start 2pm
6-Jun Central Committee 6-7pm
23-Jun Saint Paul DFL Convention 3:30pm sign-in, Start 4:30pm
1-Aug Executive Committee 6-7pm
5-Sep Central Committee 6-7pm
3-Oct Executive Committee 6-7pm
24-Oct Central Committee & GOTV Phone bank 6-9pm
5-Dec Annual Fundraiser and Election Wrap Up TBD


2019 Caucus & Conventions are fast approaching!

What happens in our city impacts our daily lives tremendously. Whether our streets are plowed, our rec centers are open, are schools are strong—it all impacts our quality of life in Saint Paul. We hope that you will choose again–or for the first time–to engage in our municipal elections starting with the Saint Paul DFL precinct caucus and ending on Election Day on November 5, 2019.

In 2019, the Saint Paul DFL will be considering endorsement for all 7 city council seat and for 4 of the 7 school board seats.

Precinct caucuses will be held across the city on Sunday, March 10th from 3-5pm (approximate end time). Sign in will begin at 2:30pm. We will start securing locations this week and will email updates as soon as we have them. All DFLers wishing to participate in the endorsing process must attend the precinct caucus in person or by proxy if they are unable to be there. If you haven’t caucused before, here is some general info about it. Although we cannot provide babysitters, kids are totally welcome to attend with their adult/s. The precinct caucus will bring neighbors together to discuss issues that affect their neighborhood, consider resolutions as part of our municipal party platform, and will select people to attend the ward convention.

Ward conventions will be scheduled on the following dates according to the number of candidates seeking DFL endorsement in each ward. At each ward convention, we will decide if we wish to endorse for that city council seat and we will select people to represent us at the city convention. We will also choose Ward leadership.

  • April 27 & 28
  • May 4 & 5
  • May 18 & 19

The Saint Paul DFL City Convention will be held on Sunday, June 23rd. Sign in will begin at 2:30pm. It is at this convention where we will consider endorsing for the 4 school board seats, elect new City DFL leadership and vote on resolutions, city issues that you want us to highlight in our local platform. This is also the last step of our endorsing process. After this, we will turn our effort toward helping elect any and every endorsed candidate win on the November ballot.

Candidates: If you are a candidate seeking endorsement, please fill out this google form to let us know for what position you are seeking endorsement.

Volunteers: If you are a good neighbor willing to volunteer to make this caucus and convention a success, please let us know now here.

You might have one last question–why isn’t there a primary? The caucus is NEVER a primary! Sometimes we offer preference polls at the caucus—especially on presidential years–—but we won’t this year. Additionally, with ranked choice voting, the primary is eliminated for city council. Everyone runs to the General! In order for the SPPS board to call a primary, they would have to be willing to pay for the expense of it. We have not been informed that they will do so as of the date this email has been sent.

As a reminder, the Saint Paul DFL is comprised totally of neighbors like you. It is an independent organization from the MN DFL and is completely volunteer run and donation driven (YES! The PCR counts for any donation to local party!). We would be grateful! Donations aside, there is no fee to join and no time requirement—you just have to be a democrat (or is it Democrat!) and want to engage with your neighbors. We sure do hope to see you! This process will be better with you at the table.


Beth & Garrison

Your Saint Paul DFL Chairs

September Central Committee Meeting

Dear DFL Central Committee Members,

There will be a Central Committee meeting of the Saint Paul DFL on Wednesday, September 5th at 6pm in the Multipurpose Room in Rondo Community Library, 461 N Dale St, Saint Paul, 55103. We will: 1.) Consider endorsement of the SPPS Vote Yes for Kids referendum campaign; and 2.) Set caucus and convention dates for 2019.

You should have also received this information by mail if we have your mailing address.

We hope to see you!



Be a leader.

dfl cuties

Do you want to have an impact on the Saint Paul’s local democratic party?

The Saint Paul DFL is holding its biennial Business Conference* where the next party leadership is elected. All five of the executive officer positions are up for election, as well as ten at-large director positions. Click on the positions below for a brief “job description”.

Please consider whether you would be interested in running for one of these positions and/or if you know others who would be a great fit. The only requirements are that they live in Saint Paul and they love the DFL!

The elections will be held Tuesday, June 12th at 6PM at the Minnesota DFL (255 Plato Blvd., Saint Paul, MN). Current members of the Saint Paul DFL Central Committee and Saint Paul Precinct Chairs are eligible to serve. If you are interested in serving– please apply before June 8th. The Nominating Committee, a group of volunteers and executive committee members, will review the applications and make a recommendation on the slate.


If you have questions about any of the positions or the nominations/elections process, please call, email or text me. I would love to talk to you more about these exciting opportunities.




Libby Kantner

Saint Paul DFL Chair

(612) 860-7823

Central Committee meeting on 5/8/18

  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions
  • Announcements
    1. Andrea Sachs, one of the Ward 3 chairs, has stepped down. Either the Ward 3 Central Committee needs to elect a new chair or the remaining chair needs to appoint. One possibility is to do a temporary appointment until the Business Conference and then elect a new chair at the conference. Notice of election would be included in notice of conference.
  1. Business Conference:
    1. Tuesday, June 12, at MN DFL HQ
    2. Voting members are central committee members and precinct chairs
    3. Nominating committee. Expect an email soon.
      1. Libby Kantner
      2. Matthew Freeman
  • Peter Grafstrom
  1. Mohamed Mohamud
  2. Chris Smith
  1. To do:
    1. Create list of eligible Business Conference voters: Ronny and Libby
    2. Draft & send notice to voters: Libby
  • Find & schedule location for Nominating Committee inter views: Beth
  1. Draft press release: Libby
  2. Update website/facebook: Danielle
  3. Review application questions: Ben
  1. Current executive committee and directors need to decide whether to run again.
  1. Ward 4 Special Endorsing Convention recap and meeting Mitra
  2. Ward 4 Special Election DFL Campaign Plan
    1. Libby asked Ken Martin if Mitra can be on the primary mailer for coordinated campaign. He said yes, but we’ll know more after the state convention.
    2. Beth asked Betty’s campaign to help with lit and party building. They’re ahead of where they usually are with voter and precinct analysis.
    3. Mayor Carter willing to do a summer fundraiser for St. Paul DFL.
    4. Fundraiser for Mitra on Thursday, June 7
      1. After the state convention but before Business Conference so we can advertise it at the fundraiser.
      2. The fundraiser will primarily benefit Mitra, but donations will go to St. Paul DFL so we can use PCR donations.
  • Beth will look for location.

Saint Paul DFL Endorses Mitra Jalali Nelson for the Ward 4 City Council Seat

On Saturday, April 28, 2018 the Ward 4 DFL convened to consider endorsement for the special election for Saint Paul’s Ward 4 City Council Seat. On the second ballot delegates endorsed Mitra Jalali Nelson with 67% of the votes (60% is required for endorsement). Read the minutes from the convention here: Ward 4 DFL Convention Minutes 2018 .

The special election will be held Tuesday, August 14, 2018, the same day as the state primary. Register and find out where to vote here.

Learn more about Mitra by reading her answers to the DFL’s questionnaire and checking out her website. Once you know her, we’re sure you’ll love her as much as we do. Show that love– donate!31391249_922963421199152_163038406804167795_n.png

Check back soon to find more information about how to join the DFL in supporting Mitra’s campaign for City Council.