How To Caucus

The Process

All Saint Paul residents who identify as DFLers are welcome and encouraged to attend their precinct caucuses. If you need special accommodations to participate fully, please contact the party.

Helpful Cheat Sheet on How to Caucus.

The DFL Party uses precinct caucuses and conventions to endorse candidates and to debate and set the issues the Party will stand for. The Saint Paul DFL has three levels: the precinct caucus, the ward conventions and the City Convention. Everyone must attend precinct caucuses to move on to the next level, or submit a letter of nomination. For more information on letter of nominations, click here.

The Levels of DFL Caucuses and Conventions:

Precinct Caucuses

The precinct is the first level of the DFL Party structure. The precinct caucuses are a foundational pillar to the DFL Party’s grassroots history because all Minnesota constituents have the ability to participate at this level.

Those in attendance have an opportunity to speak with candidates and compose resolutions that have the potential to be forwarded to their ward and citywide conventions.

General Tasks at Precinct Caucuses:

  • Meet your neighbors
  • Election of delegates and alternates to the ward convention
  • Discussion of proposed resolutions to the Saint Paul DFL platform


Ward Conventions

Delegates and alternates to the Ward Convention are elected at precinct caucuses. In the 2017 Saint Paul DFL process Ward Conventions will be held on the same day at the same location as precinct caucuses. Following the hour-long precinct caucuses, those elected to the Ward Convention will move to a gym or auditorium in the building and convene the Convention.

General Tasks at Ward Conventions:

  • Hear from the candidates for mayor and school board
  • Election of delegates and alternates to the City Convention
  • Vote for Ward Party Chairs

The City Convention

Delegates and alternates to the City Convention are elected at the Ward Conventions. The City Convention is where attendees vote on endorsement for city-wide offices. In 2017 there will be votes for mayor and school board (3 seats). This year’s City Convention is June 17th at 9:30AM at Washington Technology Magnet.

General Tasks at the City Convention:

  • Hear from the candidates for mayor and school board
  • Vote to endorse a mayoral candidate
  • Vote to endorse three school board candidates
  • Vote on changes to the Saint Paul DFL constitution
  • Vote on resolutions that were introduced at precinct caucuses

It’s an easy process- but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want everyone to be able to participate fully. Email