Meet the candidates: Dai Thao for Ward 1

Dai Thao is the DFL endorsed city council candidate running in Ward 1.

We asked Dai a few questions.  Dai Thao

  1. Why did you decide to run? 

I’m seeking re-election as council member because I’ve got the experience, a track record of getting things done, and the fire to fight for our DFL values and get our fair shake of investments in Ward 1. Now is not the time to press the reset button on the progress we’ve made the last 6 years because we are at a pivotal moment where we get to shape policies that will be inclusive and benefit the hard-working, courageous, and resilient people of Ward 1.

  1. How do you see your ward 30 years from now?

Ward 1 will be an international destination where everyone wants to be for the most diverse and authentic food, arts, culture, and parks. We’ll have complete and pothole-free streets where there will be no fatalities by car crashes.  We’ll have the most affordable housing options for families and seniors. Children will have access to a quality education in safe schools. There will be no more gun and domestic violence. Ward 1 will be the best place to open up a business, have the most good paying jobs and generate the most revenue outside of downtown.

  1. How do you plan to govern in a way that is inclusive, creative and equitable? 

I believe we can create progress for all when we stand united. As a political refugee, I know what happens under bad government – people become impoverished and die. This is why I govern with the ideals that government is for the people, by the people. This is why I fight to make sure regular people have a seat at the table. This is why  I’m in the community every day having conversations with people most impacted by our policies. I will continue to build, connect, and unite people across race, gender, religion, cultures, and neighborhoods to fight for one another.

4. What’s the last book you read?

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do, But All You Can Do Is Enough by A.L. Williams

  1. Favorite restaurant/dish in St. Paul or your ward.

I love pho noodle soup.

Dai’s campaign website is: You can also visit Dai’s campaign on facebook.


The St. Paul DFL endorsed for school board!

Our sincere congratulations to Zuki Ellis, Chauntyll Allen and Steve Marchese for their endorsement for the SPPS School Board! We are so very ready to work hard for your election in November!

We also want to thank all the countless volunteers who spent numerous hours from the very first caucus through all the ward conventions to the city convention! We truly could not have done this without you!!

2019 City DFL Votes for BOE

2019 School Board Candidate Questionnaires & Convention Agenda/Rules

We are looking forward to the St. Paul DFL endorsing convention this coming Sunday, June 23rd! Registration begins at 2:30pm at Washington Tech Magnet School. Here is the call that was sent to delegates and alternates: SPDFL-city-convention-call-A side 2019.  And here are the proposed agenda and rules for the convention: 2019 st-paul-dfl-2019-convention-agenda and rules June 23.

Most school board candidates seeking endorsement chose to submit questionnaires. Here are the completed questionnaires that were submitted, in alphabetical order by candidate last name:

Chauntyll Allen 2019 St Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire FINAL

Charlie Castro 2019 St Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Zuki Ellis 2019 Saint Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Jessica Kopp 2019 Saint Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Steve Marchese 2019 St Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Omar Syed 2019 St Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Mary Vanderwert 2019 St Paul DFL Questionnaire

Ryan Williams 2019 St Paul DFL School Board Candidate Questionnaire



Here are the June dates for the St. Paul DFL that we hope yo have on your calendar:

DOW Date What Time CONFIRMED Locations
Thurs 6-Jun Central Committee Mtg 6-7pm MN DFL, 255 E Plato Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55107
Thurs 6-Jun Endorsement Process Q & A–for BOE candidates and their teams 7-8pm MN DFL, 255 E Plato Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55107
Sunday 23-Jun Saint Paul DFL Convention 1;30pm Doors open, 2:30pm sign-in, Start 3:30pm Washington Tech, 1495 Rice St, St Paul, 55117

Congrats to our endorsed city council candidates and onward to school board!

First, a big congrats to all our DFL endorsed city council candidates across the City!

Office Sought Location First name Last name Best campaign contact
City Council Ward 1 Dai Thao
City Council Ward 2 Rebecca Noecker Megan at
City Council Ward 3 Chris Tolbert
City Council Ward 4 Mitra Jalali Nelson Doua at
City Council Ward 5 Amy Brendmoen Jillian at 218-349-9300 or
City Council Ward 7 Jane Prince

Next, we are looking forward to the City Convention scheduled for June 23rd! Here is the official call that will be  mailed: SPDFL-city-convention-call-A side 2019

Here are the candidates seeking DFL endorsement. The delegates will consider whether or not they endorse up to 4 of them on June 23rd:

Office Sought First name Last name Best campaign contact
School Board Chauntyll Allen Isabel at 6126708074 or
School Board Charlotte Castro Charlie at 612.414.5161 or
School Board Zuki Ellis Shawn at or 763-438-4066
School Board Jessica Kopp
School Board Steve Marchese or Megan at
School Board Omar Syed 6122902404 or
School Board Mary Vanderwert or 6514318626 or Megan at
School Board Ryan Williams 952-239-1892

Congrats and the home stretch!

We have 4 DFL endorsed candidates in the City of Saint Paul so far! Our sincere congrats go out to Mitra Jajali Nelson, Rebecca Noecker, Dai Thao and Chris Tolbert on your endorsements!

We are heading into our 2 final Ward conventions this weekend. Here are the details:

4-May Ward 7 Convention 4pm sign-in, 5pm convention start–doors open at 3pm Harding High School, Auditorium, located @ 1540 6th St E, St Paul, MN 55106
5-May Ward 5 Convention 1pm sign-in, 2pm convention start–doors open at noon Como High School, Auditorium, located @ 740 Rose Ave W, St Paul, MN 55117

2019 Ward Convention Rules 7_FINAL

2019 Wards 5 Convention Rules final

2019 Ward 1 Convention Agenda & Rules FinalDRAFT

2019 Ward 6 FINAL Convention Agenda & Rules

Although we did not endorse in Ward 6, we want to thank all the candidates for a good day!

A special thank you to all the volunteers on the Rules and Credentials committees and those of you who cave joined us as tellers, sgt-at-arms, stage staff, and general volunteers all around the City! This would not be possible without you!

And remember: the City Convention is scheduled for June 23rd! We have 9 fantastic candidates for School Board and we hope to endorse!